WARNING: China Poised to Invade Taiwan’s Offshore Islands

Quemoy and Matsu, officially known as the Kinmen and Lienchiang Counties respectively, are groups of islands located directly off the coast of mainland Communist China, but are under the administration of the Republic of China, Taiwan. In the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis, also called the 1958 Taiwan Strait Crisis, the People’s Republic of China shelled …

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War Is Peace And Other Democrat Sayings

No matter how much they spun, Humpty Dumpty’s men couldn’t Build Back Brandon’s Broken economy again.  We’re in a recession.

The Military and Child Molestation: Holding Our Own Accountable in This 5 Gen War

Ever hear the saying that all executives or people in positions of leadership are psychopaths? I’ve known plenty of people in positions of authority who are not social deviants, not even close. Apparently, I don’t know any who are high enough up the ladder. What the majority of us know is that drive, creativity, business …

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Woke Philosophy Foisted On The Military Destroys The Fabric Of Trust Needed By Combat Teams To Win Wars

  Some time back on the David Webb Show,** Webb had as one of his guests, retired Marine Corps Lt. Col. Dakota Wood. Wood is Senior Research Fellow, Defense Programs, Center for National Defense, Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy. It was a wide-ranging conversation about National Security. In effect being music to …

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Healing from PTSD in a 5th Generation War

LTC Michael Aquino is named in Cathy O'Brien's book as someone involved in her torture, rape, and mind-control programing as a victim of Project Monarch. (Public domain photo / Wikimedia Commons).

How the story of trauma-based mind control human slavery survivor and her intelligence-community-connected rescuer can help the veteran community heal from post-traumatic stress disorder more quickly.

Defeat the 2023 NDAA! by Republican South Dakota State Representative Taffy Howard

The 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has passed out of both the US Senate Armed Services Committee as well as the US House Armed Services Committee, and unless major changes are made, every Republican needs to vote against this bill.

The Looming NCO Crisis, Part 3: Military Culture

The Looming NCO Crisis, Part 3: Military Culture   Part 1 of this series framed the problem of the looming NCO crisis. Part 2 examined why the recruiting base is so low and ended on the cautionary note that even if the military solved the recruiting crisis, if the culture does not support excellence and …

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The Looming NCO Crisis, Part 2: Why is the Recruit Base so Low?

The Looming NCO Crisis Part 2: Why is the Recruit Base so Low?   Part 1 of this series discussed the low recruiting base for the Army and how that will translate into an NCO crisis. The Chief of Staff of the Army reports that only 23% of Americans in the target age range are …

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Poking the Bear, by Ray DiLorenzo

  Europe Today For the last several years, the United States, along with NATO, has  been poking the Russian bear, apparently pushing for war with Russia. Why?   When Trump was president it was Russia, Russia, Russia.  When Democrats found that Trump was actually getting along with Putin, they became further enraged, even though Trump …

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Open Letter To LTG Steven Gilland, 61st Superintendent Of The United States Military Academy, by John Hughes

  LTG Gilland, Congratulations on becoming the 61st Superintendent of USMA.  Your introductory letter mentions how you are “committed to ensuring that USMA remains the preeminent leader development institution in the world.”  You have an impressive resume.  Many of us in the Long Gray Line would like to give you the benefit of the doubt that …

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The Looming NCO Crisis, Part 1: Introduction

The Looming NCO Crisis: Introduction This blog is about a looming crisis that could happen in the US military’s Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) corps. But the same factors that affect the military can and probably will affect almost any organization. Today, there is a great deal of concern over recruiting. I am concerned about what happens …

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