National Intelligence Folly: How a Tragic Unsolved Murder Led to Billions of Dollars of Program Fraud, Waste and Abuse Part 28: Why is the Government so Terrible at What Should be a Core Skillset: Program Management?

Administration hirings and social justice signaling in government create a confused and ineffective workforce where incompetence becomes the norm.

The New Huddled Masses


The new huddled masses shouldn’t be celebrated like the legal immigrants who passed inspection at Ellis Island to become great Americans.  The new huddled masses are both foreign and native origin.  They’re a pox upon America.  Millions of illegal aliens, the underclass, and the fearful peasants are our new, ignoble huddled masses. The millions of …

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Insurrection: I do not think you know what that word means.

Peaceable Assembly

Insurrection. “I do not think you know what that word means.” Princess Bride There are many reports on the recent riots in Brazil, and for the sake of argument let’s call it an insurrection. It was an organized and armed assault against an organized government with the intent of seizing its powers. J6 by this …

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In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

With today being the federal holiday celebrating and honoring Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to take a moment to remember his famous “I Have a Dream” speech and what God did in our midst through his life and in that season. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke …

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‘Student Belonging,’ the ‘Next Frontier’ in DEI; From Kumbaya to Karl Marx in 3, 2, 1

Student belonging. Has there ever been a more heartwarming concept than that? For elementary and secondary school students, a feeling of belonging to the group they spend the majority of their waking hours with can mean the difference between academic success or failure. For how can a student who is being bullied or otherwise ostracized …

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We Voted For This?

“We have the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in American political history.”  Joe Biden, 10/24/2020 Yes, Biden said the above quote in October, 2020.  People with dementia are often like children.  They say exactly what is on their mind, albeit inappropriate…’from the mouths of babes’.  It’s a scary thought to think what Biden …

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A Wealth Of Material; Rodney Dangerfield 2.0

A Wealth Of Material; Rodney Dangerfield 2.0. “NATO is organizing a Quick Reaction Force to repel invaders at OUR southern border. Hope they hurry.” “USA Today maintains the definition of a woman is complicated. They really need to get out more.” “The New York Times finally admitted Hunter Biden’s laptop is real. So too, the Watergate …

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Activists Claim Cops Murdered BLM Co-Founder’s Cousin, Then the Body Cam Footage Comes Out


Following a traffic accident at a busy intersection in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles witnesses say he caused, Keenan Anderson, 31, tried to flee the police. According to witnesses, Anderson showed signs of being under the influence of drugs including extreme paranoia and agitation. Police issued multiple warnings he would be tased if he …

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Political Parody As a Weapon Part LXX

Political Parody As a Weapon Part LXX; In a matter of kettles and pots or geese and ganders, who gets the apples and oranges? Last week in Part LXIX, we compared the records on prevarications by the current occupant of the White House and a potential protegee in Congress. This week, we will compare the records …

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When Will We Learn?

     It is looking like we may never learn, until the day comes that the Constitution and the flag get replaced by those evil ones, who only seek power over us, finally succeed. And they are very close to succeeding! There are people among our ranks who will spend every waking moment trying to pin …

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