Goldberg should have listened to Trump; People who say “from the river to the sea” during Passover aren’t playing around

Jonah Goldberg, the once rising star of American conservatism, has settled for a seat as yet another Republican Strategist on a cable news outlet.

As Jewish students fear for their safety, Biden has Michigan on his mind

Just as Kristallnacht was a seminal event in Adolf Hitler’s Germany, the recent explosion of antisemitic demonstrations on Ivy League campuses is a tipping point for President Joe Biden’s America. 

There’s No Excuse For Being Clueless

Spending time with the bible is the only way to immerse yourself in Gods word. (Image by Ethan Imaap)

      Given the work that I do, it grieves me to see so many professing Christians who are so ignorant of the days and times we’re living in.  Most don’t know and don’t want to know what’s really going on in this world — or how Christ-followers are to respond to it all.  Truly, those who …

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