Boundaries-How Are They Taught?

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How are boundaries taught? Human beings have a herd mentality. Humans need to associate with other humans, they need feed back from other humans. Without sharing ideas and thoughts with others, humans become isolated. Solitary confinement can destroy a mind. The isolation drives humans to imaginary friends or to a machine, such as HAL from …

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Archbishop Of Canterbury

     Since the topic came up, recently, about the Church of England, I feel compelled to add my observations. What has been going on, lately, started before I was born, and it has been causing concern for decades. To try to avoid misunderstandings, the Church of England is a group of many diverse churches under …

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The Original Boundaries

The premise of this series is the realization that boundaries are required to assist a youth in the development needed to become a contributing member of society, and to remain a contributing member of society. Boundaries must be respected, they must be simple, they must be understood, and they must be enforced. Sometimes, the enforcement …

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‘The Mission’: Godly Men Wage Peace and Good Men Wage War to Protect the Godly

Print of Jesuit martyrs of Paraguay in 1628, published in 1919. (Public domain)

Sick of the news? Sick of trying to figure out what is true and what is a play put on for our distraction? Sick of learning things that twist up everything you thought was true? Sick even of bible study and church? Take a day and watch “The Mission.” Its influence on your future course …

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Joshua And Judges

     Joshua and Judges. We fight in wars for a variety of reasons, some justified and some not. A lot of weight should be placed on justification when often, wars are fought solely to distract, or to take something, like land. All countries that engage in warring against other countries do it for the …

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When Will We Learn?

     It is looking like we may never learn, until the day comes that the Constitution and the flag get replaced by those evil ones, who only seek power over us, finally succeed. And they are very close to succeeding! There are people among our ranks who will spend every waking moment trying to pin …

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Planned Parenthood’s Boffo South Carolina Profits


Planned Parenthood’s Boffo South Carolina Profits By Robert of Rosemont Six Week Human Twenty Week Human Global Killer of Humans South Carolina Supreme Court strikes down state abortion ban JAMES POLLARD January 6, 2023, 10:57 AM My Mother was 40 years old when I was born. I was the fifth of five boys…and her eighth …

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