Why many Christians are failing in their Christian Faith, by Freeland_Dave

Why many Christians are failing in their Christian Faith. by Freeland_Dave,  Simple stat. 200 different Christian Denominations on the US alone and 45,000 worldwide. No unity in the Scriptures and most all of them hold the mistaken belief that if you don’t follow the dogma of their denomination that you are pre-consigned, by them of …

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Are You Loved?

Are You Loved? What’s Better, the Truth that Hurts then Saves, or the Lie that Destroys? Walking out my door I take a right and head downtown Helena, Montana. Passing a school and the town’s beautiful cathedral I next spy St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Prominently displayed in the window hangs the transgender flag. A flag often …

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The Pushback Against the Jesuits, The World’s First Globalists

Jesuit missionary Cuthbert Cary-Elwes poses with two members of the Rupununi of Guyana.

So instead of brow-beating people with conventional forces, the Jesuits took a literal hearts-and-minds approach, respecting the locals, educating them, providing services that made their lives better, preparing fertile ground for the seed of God’s Word. And they were very, very good at what they did—too good.

An Evening with Eric Metaxas

Eric Metaxas was the headliner for the Peninsula4Life Dinner. It was a fundraiser for our pregnancy crisis center, Care Net Peninsula, serving The Peninsula of Virginia. Think Jamestown, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Hampton, Newport News, etc. – you know, where Virginia and America began. The fundraiser was a great success to support the small staff that saved …

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Pastor Wes Savage: “Stay UMC” Lacks Strong Support

“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” –Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NIV) Editor’s Note: There is an existential conflict underway in the United Methodist Church. On one side are the traditionalists who cannot abide the continued open and notorious disobedience of God’s Word by Bishops, Pastors and other church leadership, to wit, their insistence on …

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Christianity: A Warrior Faith

 People taught that Christianity is only ‘peace and love’ will never understand that once we had a warrior faith.  I don’t see that faith anywhere anymore.   Vladimir Putin said recently that the West is now Satanic. Disagreement abounded, but it got me to thinking. I concluded that Putin is right, when he is talking …

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