Making It Illegal For Republicans To Hire Attorneys

Attorneys who represent Republicans in non-swing states are safe, FOR NOW. Should any Blue State “flip” to Red in 2024, rest assured, Democrats will be filing lawsuits, alleging fraud.

Trump Has a Republican Problem

The public wants a winner. FJB and Republican senators are losers Philip Bump of the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post reported, “Why Biden is underperforming Democratic Senate candidates.” Of course he got the story bass-ackwards. He wouldn’t be at the Bezos Post if he got the story right. Biden isn’t underperforming. Republican senators and congressmen are. …

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As Trump’s Poll Numbers Rise, Arizona Democrats Are Getting Desperate

President Trump is six points ahead of Demented Joe in the polls. To ensure a “win” for Biden this November, Arizona’s Democrat AG has created another lawfare case straight from Orwell’s “1984.”

All The Trump Cases Should Be Dismissed

No longer is Lady Justice blind.  In lawfare she peeks out of her blindfold to selectively prosecute and persecute those the left deems unfit for justice.  That sort of injustice corrodes the very fabric of our society, the fabric of law and order that binds our country and keeps it from falling into anarchy.