The Unintended Consequences: The Decline of the National American Legion Air Rifle Program

The National American Legion Air Rifle Program has long been a beacon of excellence, offering young enthusiasts a chance to learn about firearm safety, marksmanship, and responsible gun ownership.

Regardless of What the #Woke Want to Believe, the Numbers Just Won’t Lie

At some point, you’d think that even the wokest of the #woke would understand the facts. The tweet screencaptured on the right gives you the basics, and you can read the whole story here. From the Portland Press-Herald: Transgender girl makes history with victory at cross country regional Soren Stark-Chessa, a sophomore at Maine Coast …

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Alma Womack: Missives From Tupelo Brake

I called my congress critter, Julia Letlow’s, office today to find out if she was supporting McCarthy and his bid to pass another CR without making any needed changes, or if she was supporting Matt Gaetz and the congressmen fighting for fiscal sanity. Know what the receptionist said? She hadn’t had a chance to talk …

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