Political Parody As a Weapon-Part XCVI

Lia Thomas

From the rapier wit of Albert Constantine Jr, AFNN’s Paul Shanklin: Political Parody As a Weapon Part XCVI-Maybe I know that Lia’s cheating, maybe I know that Lia’s a boy- the sport he’ll destroy.

‘Progressives’ Against Common Sense and Reality

The Nation is a far-left, “progressive” opinion journal with a long history, and when you see an article from The Nation, you already know: it’s going to be almost Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez crazy: How Women’s Swimming Got So Transphobic Almost no other sport is as hostile to trans athletes—and that’s because its culture created the perfect …

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In the End, the Truth Will Always Assert Itself

I asked the question previously: If someone was out to destroy transgender acceptance, what would he be doing differently? I was referring to the University of Pennsylvania’s ‘transgender woman’ swimmer Will Thomas, the male swimmer who ‘transitioned’ to female, goes by the name “Lia,” and joined UPenn’s women’s swimming team, and won several Ivy League …

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Alma Womack on the Super Bowl

No, dear hearts, I did not watch the Super Bowl on Sunday for several reasons. One, I have no television service since I am battling Directv over canceling Newsmax. Two, I wouldn’t have watched it if I had three television satellite networks, because I promised myself when ol’ Capricorn, Kapernick, whatever, was kneeling and disrespecting …

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Identical Strangers with Same Name and Career Take DNA Test, Make Surprise Discovery

There are two Brady Feigls. Both are Minor League Baseball pitchers. They each had the same surgery and even used the same surgeon. If they were to put on identical eyeglasses, they might easily be mistaken for the same person. As it is, their looks are so startlingly similar, one is often confused with the …

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Excess Deaths And The Jab

Vaccine Tyranny

     Contrary to what the mainstream news and censors, like Google, Facebook and others, want you to hear, there are correlations between that “Jab” and all those excess deaths.      The reason I decided to write this is because, yesterday, while driving through all the rain in the flood prone part of southern Kentucky to …

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My thoughts On The Brittney Griner Release

President Biden, President Putin

It’s not often I get PO’ed, but the Brittney Griner release has me in that mode. But what really fires me up are those athletes who would kneel for the national anthem. To them I say, that’s your right, but for the sake of all of us who don’t support your childish behavior, please give …

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