If Not Us Christians, Then Who?

Moral dithering leads to more moral dithering.  Evil, however, doesn’t dither.  It stridently marches forward.  The horrifically sadistic actions by animalistic, islamofascist Hamas demons managed to uncover the dark underbelly of the “tolerant” left around the world. 

They Tried That In a Small Town

Linda Blackford, the longtime columnist for what my best friend used to call the Lexington Herald-Liberal hasn’t written about Jason Aldean’s hit “Try That In a Small Town,” but she is aghast that someone tried something stupid in a small town and it didn’t work out well: ‘Deeply traumatized.’ Arts retreat at Pine Mountain ends …

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Archbishop Of Canterbury

     Since the topic came up, recently, about the Church of England, I feel compelled to add my observations. What has been going on, lately, started before I was born, and it has been causing concern for decades. To try to avoid misunderstandings, the Church of England is a group of many diverse churches under …

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