The Face Of The Democrat Party – Ugly And Uglier

Are you getting the picture of just how ugly one of our major political parties is becoming?  It would be bad, if this only affected the braindead folks who register as Democrats.  Unfortunately, their Keystone Kop antics affect the rest of us as well, and major portions of the world.

Obama: Frontman for Fundamental Change to America

Sitting here on Tupelo Brake, I am prone to wonder about things, and this is my latest wonder: am I the only person in the United States of America who remembers what Obama was really like when he was in office? Every day, I read about how Obama did so much to destroy the USA …

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Are the Teachers’ Unions Writing Purportedly Straight News Pieces for The Washington Post?

The Washington Post got the headline wrong. The editors make it sound as though the students were the ones in the wrong for reporting a teacher who broke the law! Her students reported her for a lesson on race. Can she trust them again? Mary Wood’s school reprimanded her for teaching a book by Ta-Nehisi …

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