Homeschooling: The Target

Homeschooling has been proven successful for several decades now.  It has launched successful adults into the world – adults who aren’t “socially awkward” and who meet or exceed the academic knowledge of their public school peers.  There is no real question about the competency of homeschooling.  It almost always equals or exceeds public school education. …

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Homeschooling: The Threat


   Yesterday, I wrote an article about the importance of homeschooling.  Although not the only way, homeschooling is a successful way of, at the very least, saving a remnant from the indoctrination of liberal ideology and, at the most, a key ingredient to turning this country around. And the Left knows that. Homeschooling is a …

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Fundamental Transformation of the Democrat Party

Joey Biden completes the Democratic Party’s fundamental transformation from a workers’ party to the party of the far-left that supports abortion, amnesty for illegals, open borders, an authoritarian federal government, and does not care about American workers. According to a Breitbart summary of a New York Times study: ” The Democrat party is attracting an …

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The Balkanization Convergence


In spite of its flaws, the United States is the greatest country the world has ever known. We don’t need fences to keep people in America and there are no flotillas of refugees escaping to Cuba. Its greatness stems from its foundation of freedom and liberty for everyone. But in recent years we’re seeing the …

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Staying Sane In A Brandon World

      If you’re a conservative.  If you’re someone with common sense and decency. If you’re someone who loves this country, a patriot, the average American citizen.  Certainly, if you’re a Christian.  If you are any, all or a combination of these, then it seems the world has gone crazy, so quickly in just …

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Sign of the Apocalypse

When California announced that it was raising the dollar limit on shoplifting to $950 before a person could be charged with a felony, and started releasing people with no bail, any American with half a brain knew what was coming. Sure enough, California is experiencing a crime wave of amazing proportions. Thieves routinely walk into …

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