Fantasies and Nightmares

Sick fantasies from sick twisted ideologues.      If any political or military leader wanted to start a war, we hold the distinct honor of having the most foolish military leadership in the world, along with the most foolish, evil and greedy ideologues in charge of that military.  I believe they must be trying to live …

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Identity Politics Is a Drug

The Squad

Identity Politics. It’s just too easy to divide Americans by hyphens and constantly talk about Americans as members of one group or another. It’s virtue signaling if the groups of people fit the identity politics taxonomy cookie cutter called “diversity.” You know the politically correct divisions and see it on poll after poll. White, Black, …

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NIMBY! Not in My Back Yard!

It seems that the left are much happier with liberal principles when they are applied to other people, on other neighborhoods! Why does a wealthy California town say it opposes affordable housing? To save mountain lions The town’s decision drew quick scorn as a brazen attempt to evade even minimally denser development in one of …

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Thoughts on Ukraine, Part 3: Klepto-Free Energy

Part 3 looks at energy. I think it is the number one security threat. It is at least partly responsible for the situation in Ukraine, both through funding and supporting Russia’s attack through Europe’s current dependence on petroleum-based energy from Russia.