Russian antiwar activists from Moscow tO Siberia once again took to the streets SUNDAY

Public Demonstration Rally

Protests against the invasion started Thursday in Russia and have continued daily ever since, even as Russian police have moved swiftly to crack down on the rallies and detain protesters. The Kremlin has sought to downplay the protests, insisting that a much broader share of Russians support the assault on Ukraine.

Thoughts on Ukraine, Part 2: Kleptocracy, Not Patriotism or Shared Nationality

Map of Ukrainian Resources

Kleptocracy is at the heart of Putin’s government. CSIS states, “The breadth and depth of Russian organized crime already runs so wide and deep, that Russia is on the verge of becoming a criminal syndicalist state, dominated by a lethal mix of gangsters, corrupt officials, and dubious businessmen.”
Part 2 discusses Ukraine’s abundant resources as the possible objective for the Russian invasion. While it may not be the only objective, it is quite possibly a significant driving force. If the Russian kleptocrats are concerned about the security of the Siberian resource basin, Ukraine could be extremely important.

Thoughts on Ukraine, Part 1

Thoughts on Ukraine Figure Conceptual Framework for Russian Invasion of Ukraine I will be the first to admit that I really cannot understand Putin’s objectives and end state in Ukraine. I suspect that I am not alone in that regard. Listen to the news with the talking head experts and read the news and internet …

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Super Bowl and Culture

Stadium, Football Stadium

No, dear hearts, I did not watch the Super Bowl, even though I hoped Joe Burrow would be successful one more time against a powerful team and the officials. He wasn’t, but the chickens and I didn’t worry over it. However curiosity prompted me to tune in to the halftime show over which there had …

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Philly continues the tyranny!

The heavily politicized Center for Disease Control have finally eased some of their masking guidelines, but, of course, the petty little dictators in the City of Brotherly Love want to keep Philadelphians wearing the symbols of authoritarian control. CDC loosens COVID-19 masking guidance, but Philly is keeping its mask mandate for now The city’s health …

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Nightbirde Sings Herself and Reveals Our Truth

Her real name was Jane Marcjewski. She was reed thin, attractive, high spirited, and talented, and she projected vulnerability and honesty. As the judges questioned her, it came out that Jane had been a professional singer but had not been regularly employed for some time because cancer had invaded her. The panel and the audience were instantly silenced