Why Are Westerners So Deluded About #Hamas and #AntiSemitism?

The Philadelphia Inquirer noted the latest pro-‘Palestinian’ march stopped outside Goldie, a Jewish-owned falafel shop, chanting “Goldie, Goldie, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide.” This left The Editorial Board to opine: Intimidating Jewish businesses will not end the bombing in Gaza | Editorial Protesters are well within their right to put on peaceful …

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Why are Arab nations denying Palestinians the simplest solution of all?

Events of the past two months have highlighted an important truth: although Arab leaders have publicly condemned Israeli military operations in Gaza, they have no interest in allowing Palestinian refugees into their own countries.  Their unwillingness to offer refuge to their Palestinian brethren stands in stark contrast to actions taken by their European counterparts following …

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Women in Close Combat Units; Israel vs America

It’s always a good thing when an all-female tank crew of “infidels” ensures 50 Islamist terrorists who murder babies in their cribs, get sent to Allah to explain their misdeeds. But that’s not necessarily good personnel policy for the United States military.

2,000 Sociologists Enthusiastically Discredit Their Profession

Over 2,000 sociologists (and climbing), from some of the world’s most prestigious universities, have proudly signed a letter of support for Gaza after the October 7 attack on Israel. They accuse Israel, not the Palestinians nor their Hamas operatives, of genocide.

Unveiling the Iran-Contra Affair: The Intricacies of U.S. Foreign Policy and the Military-Industrial Complex

The Iran-Contra Affair, a tumultuous chapter in U.S. history, unraveled a complex web of clandestine operations, ethical quandaries, and geopolitical contradictions, shedding light on the profound influence of the military-industrial complex in shaping U.S. foreign policy.

October 7 revealed the new Nazis; 9/11 Neo-Cons demand Israel not retaliate

London has fallen. A Babylon Bee fake headline — “80 Years After Hitler Failed, Nazis Finally Seize London” — lasted only hours on a Sunday before it became true as Britain caved to organized anti-Semites.

The USA PATRIOT Act: Unveiling the Trojan Horse of Constitutional Threats

Enacted in the aftermath of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the USA PATRIOT Act stands as a pivotal example of how seemingly well-intentioned legislation can inadvertently threaten constitutional rights.

Christopher Columbus and the Silk Road: Europe’s Quest for New Trade Routes Amidst Ottoman (Islamic) Dominance

In 1492, Christopher Columbus embarked on a voyage that would profoundly impact world history, driven by the need to find an alternative route to Asia due to the Ottoman Empire’s (Islamic State’s) control of the Silk Road.