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As many of you already know, Donald Trump managed to leverage social media to bypass the traditional gatekeepers in the legacy press, thus taking his message directly to the American People. Big Tech (like Facebook, Twitter and Amazon) along with the press, the Democrat Party, and even RINO Republicans, were just fine with that, when it was the young and “hip” Barack Obama, who was making use of the technology. Not so much when President Trump showed them its real power.

Donald Trump is no longer President. However, that hasn't stopped the media and Big Tech from targeting conservative voices, especially those of us who had the temerity to vote for Donald Trump and had our votes discounted. We conservatives, along with the media platforms who voice our concerns, are now being directly attacked. There has been a drastic increase in conservative publications being financially coerced by Facebook and other tech titans. Others have been threatened with civil suits over reader comments.

This is where you come in. This website, designed to promote the ideals of conservative Americans, relies completely on voluntary donations. As of now, we accept no advertising, and we hope to keep it that way. We also are quickly moving towards being financially able to build or buy our own server farm, with unfettered access to the internet, not subject to what Amazon Web Services did to Parler.

If your personal financial situation will permit, we would make very good use of your donation of $10.00-$100.00 (more if you can afford it) to have your voice heard. There are millions of disaffected and disenfranchised American citizens out there who need a voice. We believe you are one of them and we are asking for your support.

Adam Selene
Editor Emeritus


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