New report: Biden administration conspired with Iran against their common enemy, Netanyahu 

On Friday, Axios reported that President Joe Biden’s senior Middle East adviser, Brett McGurk, and acting U.S. envoy to Iran Abram Paley held talks (through intermediaries) with Iran’s political deputy for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ali Bagheri Kani, last week in Muscat, Oman.  (Note: Following the sudden death of Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian …

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Balancing National Security and Free Market Principles in the Ammunition Industry

Earlier this year, Vista Outdoor Inc. sent notifications to outdoor stores selling ammunition, warning of delays and price increases due to a shift in production focus towards Ukraine.

Stasi State Techniques Of Our US Government: The Biden Administration Authorized An Inherently Dangerous Raid To Resolve A Fabricated Administrative Document Dispute With President Trump Part 6

Trump Has material The Deep State Swamp Was/Is Willing To Do Anything To Get Back, Including Risking A Potential Shoot-out Between Federal Agents at Mar-a Lago

Some Deluded American Leftists Might Think That They Are Organizing the Pro-‘Palestinian’ Protests, But Much Of It Comes From Professional Agitators With Ties to Hamas

Intelligent people have already been wondering just how much of the ‘student’ activism in support of the ‘Palestinians’ and Hamas has been led not by the students themselves, but professional activists.