Trump has them on the run; “Inside the Terrifyingly Competent Trump 2024 Campaign.”

Democrats have succeeded in keeping The Donald away from campaigning by tying him up in phony prosecutions, but the strategy has backfired; it has given his campaign staff free rein to win the election for him.

Abortion is on the ballot and Americans don’t like bans on anything

Results from Tuesday’s off-year election delivered a resounding message: abortion rights are still a winning issue for Democrats.  In Virginia, voters handed full control of its General Assembly to Democrats. The party held its majority in the state Senate and won back control of the House of Delegates. The decisive issue was Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s …

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Dianne Feinstein Dies at 90; Who Will Replace Her?

After years of declining health, exacerbated by a bout with shingles in February, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein died on Thursday night at her home in Washington, D.C. Her death was announced on Friday morning. Feinstein was first elected to the Senate in 1992 and was California’s longest serving senator. Prior to her Senate career, Feinstein …

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Kamala Harris Is Ready for the Presidency

After seeing Vice President Kamala Harris’ inappropriate laughter during a March 2022 joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw, a former spokeswoman for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy wrote in a Twitter post, “It would be a tragedy if this woman won the presidency.” Truer words have rarely been spoken. Iuliia Mendel, who represented …

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Democrats Stumble Upon an Explanation for Trump’s Increasing Strength

President Trump

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos was surprised by a new Wall Street Journal poll that showed President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump tied at 46% in a potential 2024 rematch. The survey of 1500 registered voters was conducted August 24-30. On Sunday’s edition of “This Week,” Stephanopoulos said, “It is kind of shocking in …

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Will There Be a 2024 Presidential Election?

Most cognizant people will agree… we live in strange times.  Our current values, as dictated by our present government, have turned the country upside down.  Few in this administration can be relied upon to speak any truth. They go about their business as if no one is watching. The president and his minions are incapable …

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You tell me, which story should concern us most?

FBI/DOJ seal

Fox News contributors were aghast after special counsel Jack Smith unsealed his indictment of former President Donald Trump on 37 felony counts on Friday afternoon. The network immediately switched to ad-free coverage of the new development. Complete with transcripts of potentially incriminating conversations between Trump and his lawyers (and others) and photographs of boxes that …

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Given the Uproar Over DeSantis’ Campaign Launch, One Might Think He Poses a Threat

Methinks they protest too much. It took about a nanosecond for the legacy media, former President Donald Trump, and his rivals for the GOP presidential nomination to pounce following the launch of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ campaign on Wednesday evening. True, the technical glitches which delayed the livestream event weren’t exactly ideal and it was …

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CA Reparations Committee Approves Recommendations Costing Nearly 3X State’s Annual Budget

On Saturday, a California reparations task force approved a package that, if passed by the legislature, would cost $800 billion, or nearly three times the state’s annual budget. Although the new proposal did not state the size of the payments, an earlier version called for eligible blacks in the state to receive cash (or its …

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Let’s take the low road: The GOP should make 2024 a referendum on Biden 

The rollout – if one can call President Joe Biden’s pathetic, anemic reelection announcement video a rollout – showed that he plans to campaign on abortion rights and the extremism of MAGA Republicans. In his position, such a strategy makes sense. After all, these issues worked so well for Democrats in 2022 and given that …

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