Did the ‘spies who lied’ commit a crime or simply the most unethical act a public servant possibly could? 

FBI/DOJ seal

Election interference comes in many forms. The party controlling the White House could, say, collude with the administration’s attorney general to stage a raid on the leader of the opposition party’s home ahead of an important midterm election. A sitting president could announce an executive order to cancel $400 billion in student debt in order …

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Polish Prime Minister’s Office: No, We WON’T Be Sending MiGs to Ukraine

During a Zoom call with members of Congress on Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reiterated his requests for a no-fly zone, more harsh sanctions and additional lethal military aid. Specifically, he asked for Russian-made MiG29 fighter jets. Ukrainian pilots know how to operate these planes, he said. As far as NATO leaders, including President Joe …

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