The Democratic Party is leading an assault on America from within

May 6, 2019 Article: "Uncle Joe Is Showing Signs Of Dementia"

Following his train wreck of a debate with former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden sat for what was widely viewed as a “make-or-break” interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. The 22-minute exchange, recorded on Friday afternoon in Madison, Wisconsin, and aired that night, did not go well. Although it didn’t create quite the stir …

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Biden Denied Three Major Gaffes from Europe Trip; Was He Lying or Did He Actually Forget?

President Biden, President Putin

Shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered troops into Ukraine, the media began to question his mental state. “Is Putin insane?” asked The Washington Post. A Vanity Fair article was entitled: “Report: An ‘Increasingly Frustrated’ Putin, a Madman With Nuclear Weapons, Is Lashing Out at His Inner Circle.” A headline in The Daily Mail read, …

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