More Democrat Weaponization of the Federal Government

More Democrat Weaponization of the Federal Government; Achieving Green Nirvana using the heavy hand of government Ever envious of the Communist Chinese Party, whose CCP-controlled government agencies are focused like laser beams on maintaining social control over all of China’s 1.4 billion citizens and preserving CCP “leadership,” the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress have been …

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Joe Biden’s Curious Love Affair with China


Most Americans would prefer to think of China as a friendly nation with a different political and economic perspective of the world. That’s certainly how the current occupant of the White House sees China—at least, that is what he says publicly. Privately, he may have other reasons for viewing China and its autocratic leader, Xi …

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Who’s Calling the Shots?

King George King Biden

The Madness of “King” Biden; The Inmates Are Running the Asylum and It’s All Part of the Plan Credit: “You ever been to a caucus?…No you haven’t. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier” Joe Biden If aliens landed in my backyard and asked me to take them to our nation’s leader, I would have a …

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The Unbearable Stupidity of Being Democrat

The Unbearable Stupidity of Being Democrat. It’s always a dicey matter to discern motive from behavior in a single situation. In fact, a basic tenet of psychology, as explained in my Psychology 101 class at West Point during my youth, was that deducing attitude and motive from behavior is impossible. Intellectually that makes sense, but practically, …

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The Asterisk Says!

Our dear leader, who happens to be the butt end of jokes from leaders around the world, tells us that if Republicans win in the midterms, it will be the end of democracy. I, for one, welcome this change, since we are a republic. This play on words has been a sore point since forever, …

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Ukraine Exposes China’s Green Lies

Ukraine Exposes China’s Green Lies; Carbon Neutrality is a Chinese Pipedream The 2015 Paris Agreement pushed communist China into a corner to some degree. While other nations grandly announced their nationally determined contributions to reducing greenhouse gases, China demurred on specifics until near the end of the time allotted for countries to develop their plans. The …

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