Twitter is Lying

Twitter is Lying; I know many people think that with Elon Musk owning twitter, then perhaps the rational people had won a round in the fight for the soul of our country. Apparently not: Reading my tweet, in which pointed out (to the Kansas City Star newspaper) the well-known fact of the high level of mental …

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The Big AI Elephant In The Room

“It should come as no surprise with the maturity of image creation, the explosion of writing tools, and the massive rise of video and audio tools that are driving the growth of generative AI at such a rapid pace, the government and the public at large would start to consider who will directly and legally benefit from the outcome production of these new and developing technologies.” So why is no one talking about it?

Pssst: It’s not just Twitter and the FBI

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald delivered a memorable and hard-hitting speech at the University of Utah in April 2015 titled “Edward Snowden and the Secrets of the National Security State.” His remarks focused on the National Security Agency’s collection of billions of communications of ordinary, law abiding U.S. citizens. He emphasized that, even then, nearly eight …

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The Unholy Alliance Between Dems, the FBI, Big Tech and the Media has Left America a ‘Democratic Republic’ in Name Only

The Twitter Files revealed that an unholy alliance between the Democratic Party, the FBI, Big Tech, and the legacy media worked together to interfere in the 2020 presidential election. These powerful entities abused their power to achieve a common goal: to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story. The revelations expose a concerted effort to manipulate …

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Founding Principles – Freedom of Speech

While watching and listening to the Biden team’s continued efforts to enlist Big Tech as propaganda and/or censorship tools, the only thing missing from their promotion of that policy, was the clarification that “it is the right thing to do!!” I was beside myself, immediately sat down and started this missive, for that announcement is …

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Former Reddit CEO Tries to Make ‘Free-Speechers’ Label an Insult

Whether or not you think Elon Musk’s 9.2 percent stake in Twitter will stop or at least reduce the company’s undisguised efforts to censor conservative content on their platform, this news has certainly catapulted the issue of free speech into the national conversation. Simultaneous admissions from major media outlets that the Hunter Biden laptop story …

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Peter Schweizer’s Stunning New Book Shows Tech Titans Are Starstruck by Xi Jinping

  Peter Schweizer, conservative author and president of the Government Accountability Institute, joined Fox News’ Mark Levin on Sunday night to discuss his new book, “Redhanded: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” which will be released on Tuesday. Schweizer’s team spent over a year conducting research for this book and what they uncovered …

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