I Know How to Save The Washington Post! Find a New Billionaire Owner Who Doesn’t Care If the Paper is Losing Money!

I know how to save The Washington Post! Just have Jeff Bezos, net worth $196 billion as of June 4, 2024, owner of the newspaper, give it to MacKenzie Scott, net worth $33.3 billion as of June 4, 2024, Mr Bezos’ ex-wife and a noted philanthropist who has no problem in giving away her money. …

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Today’s Left See Landlords as Snidely Whiplash, Tying Sweet Nell to the Railroad Tracks

In November on 2017, the voters of the City of Brotherly Love voted in a self-proclaimed “progressive prosecutor,” a criminal defense attorney, Larry Krasner, whose campaign website proudly proclaims that: During his first term, he has supported victims, he has exonerated the innocent, and he has held police accountable. He has reduced future years of …

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Get Woke, Go Broke: This is What Can Happen When Companies Start Getting Involved in Political Controversies

Everybody has heard the expression, ‘Get #woke, go broke.’ Some on the left thought that the backlash against Bud Light over the Dylan Mulvaney stunt would fade relatively quickly. In news which might call into question other corporations and their ‘celebration’ of homosexual ‘Pride Month,’ it looks like that hasn’t happened yet. From The Wall …

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The Big AI Elephant In The Room

“It should come as no surprise with the maturity of image creation, the explosion of writing tools, and the massive rise of video and audio tools that are driving the growth of generative AI at such a rapid pace, the government and the public at large would start to consider who will directly and legally benefit from the outcome production of these new and developing technologies.” So why is no one talking about it?

Yet Another Great Tragedy in Philadelphia

No, this isn’t about homicides in the City of Brotherly Love, though Broad + Liberty has counted 40 as of this writing. No, this is about a horrible, awful, doubtlessly racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic tragedy that has gotten major play in the very #woke Philadelphia Inquirer! As Philly gathers in bars to watch the …

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