Leftists: Parents Must Be Replaced

What is Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)? - CBT SoCal / The Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center of Southern California

It is easy to find on our social media feeds, the outrageous acts against American children. We find videos of Drag Queen Story Hour and strip shows for child audiences. Schools keeping information on children from parents or gay porn next to Charlotte’s Web in the school library.

Evil By Invitation Only


The Satanic Temple’s Baphomet Statue – is displayed in front of the Arkansas Capitol – They’re after our children. Pure and unspeakable evil has entered our country.  And no wonder, it was invited. It can be petitioned by word or deed. But, in our case it was both. This brace of evil can be found …

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Boundaries-How Are They Taught?

Home School

How are boundaries taught? Human beings have a herd mentality. Humans need to associate with other humans, they need feed back from other humans. Without sharing ideas and thoughts with others, humans become isolated. Solitary confinement can destroy a mind. The isolation drives humans to imaginary friends or to a machine, such as HAL from …

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Black Lives Matter, Just Not To Democrat Politicians: (Part IV, Fatherlessness, Poverty and Crime)

Last we met, we discussed how President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty, his “Great Society,” had led to the impoverishment of the Black Family and its ultimate dependence on those programs. At the very end, one aspect we noted, was the deleterious effect those programs had on the institution of marriage—and its concomitant growth of …

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Seared Souls: How We Abuse Our Children

Seared Souls: How We Abuse Our Children; Since I’m going to be criticizing a now widely accepted phenomenon, this piece may evoke eyerolls from some supporters. So be it, because certain things need to be said. I must confess that with the way many of my fellow adults behave today, it can make me ashamed to …

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