Reuters Data Scientist Who Rejected BLM Narrative Asked to ‘Reform his Thoughts,’ Then Fired


Looks like the powers that be at Canadian American media conglomerate Thomson Reuters have little tolerance for those who refuse to toe the party line. The City Journal’s Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, chronicled the last few rocky months of data scientist Zac Kriegman’s six years of employment with Reuters and revealed …

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Denver Public School Spokesman: Black Families Asked for Segregated ‘Families of Color Playground Night’

racial segregation - old south

In October, a Denver elementary school began hosting a monthly event called “families of color playground night.” The City Journal’s Christopher Rufo is an activist in the fight against the teaching of critical race theory in American public schools. He reported that Centennial Elementary School held the first gathering on Oct. 13 and the next …

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