The CIA’s Hidden Influence, 5th Generation Warfare, and Verified Operations: A Journey from Its Inception to Deviation

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), established with an original intent of safeguarding national security, has transformed into a complex and clandestine force in international affairs.

National Intelligence Folly: How a Tragic Unsolved Murder Led to Billions of Dollars of Program Fraud, Waste and Abuse Part 9

First 8 articles recap, Sputnik flies, U2 and SR-71 are developed, Corona project is the first space reconnaissance system, Doc’s space-time continuum is disrupted.

The FBI Learns That Carter Page Will Not Be So Easily Dismissed

FBI/DOJ seal

  Background Aside from former President Donald Trump himself, no individual was more damaged by the unprecedented actions deliberately taken by top ranking FBI officials, including then-FBI Director James Comey, against then-Trump campaign adviser Carter Page in 2016. The FBI used a bogus collection of stories provided by former British spy Christopher Steele and paid …

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