SCOTUS: Twitter v Taamneh

The Supreme Court has released their decision in Twitter v. Taamneh. This decision was a unanimous decision authored by Justice Thomas with one short concurrence by Justice Jackson. In this case, Twitter was defendant and victim is plaintiff at the lower courts. The facts of this case are fairly straight forward. A terrorist committed a …

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Who’s the Supreme Court Leaker? List of Potential Suspects Has Been ‘Narrowed’ – Report

News that an initial majority draft opinion revealing the Supreme Court’s preliminary ruling to overturn two landmark abortion cases had been leaked in early May stunned politicians, journalists and ordinary Americans across the political spectrum. The draft, authored by Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito and reported by Politico, stated the court would finally do …

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Justice Thomas Already Announced His Retirement Year, He’s Got a Score to Settle

I vividly remember the day in October 1991 when the Senate voted to confirm then-U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Clarence Thomas as the next associate justice of the Supreme Court. Following a bitter confirmation battle, Thomas had won confirmation by a 52-48 margin. Following Thomas’ nomination by then-President George Bush, allegations were leaked to the …

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Justice Clarence Thomas – A Judicial Gem

Supreme Court

Justice Clarence Thomas is in the news again and for all the right reasons.  He’s defending our Constitutionally protected rights and angering the right people, libs.