Biden on the debt ceiling hike: My way or the highway


It doesn’t take long for reality to catch up with people who spend their money recklessly. If the situation is not too far gone, it may be simply a question of cutting back temporarily on unnecessary purchases. However, if the overspending has persisted for a long period of time, an individual may be forced by …

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The Big AI Elephant In The Room

“It should come as no surprise with the maturity of image creation, the explosion of writing tools, and the massive rise of video and audio tools that are driving the growth of generative AI at such a rapid pace, the government and the public at large would start to consider who will directly and legally benefit from the outcome production of these new and developing technologies.” So why is no one talking about it?

The Democrat Mob

Biden’s War on America. Everything that progressives went into hysterics over about Trump doing if re-elected is coming to fruition under Biden. Joe’s Administration is not only a national and international disaster, he’s become an autocrat. Even his own Party is turning on him, if only by small degrees. But power is the watchword and …

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Our States Need to Reunite


Greetings my fellow Americans! While I don’t wish to speculate at this time whether our representative republic is truly “over,” it seems pretty clear that, from the results of our most recent election cycle, our federated system is quite broken. And while several key reasons for this most recent disappointment could be identified, of the …

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Dem Staffer Exposes Congress’s Well-Kept Secret About Nadler


At 75-years-old, longtime New York Rep. Jerry Nadler, a Democrat, is far from being the oldest member of Congress, but he’s certainly well past his prime. A Democratic staffer told The New York Post that Nadler, who serves as chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee, has earned a nickname from his peers: “Rock-A-Bye Baby.” …

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