Surprise! Surprise! Another Corrupt Dem Megadonor

We’ve seen this movie before.  Mega rich (____) fill in the blank – Wall Street banker, tycoon, hedge fund manager-megadonor – climbs the political social ladder by rubbing elbows with powerful Democrat pols then buys influence with them by donating million$ to their campaigns and causes.

Elected Positions of State and County Levels of Government Violations of Oath and Negligence of Duty


Remove elected officials from their position when they are not doing their job! Why are Governors, Mayors, and District Attorneys above the law when it comes to criminal negligence, fostering criminal activity and violations of their oath of office? Why are they not removed from office? It is apparent we cannot wait for new elections …

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Politicians and Term Limits


Politicians and Term Limits. Diapers and politicians should be changed periodically and for good reason. As tacky as it sounds, this quote improperly attributed to Mark Twain, it is the simplest and wise lesson that every citizen should learn when it comes to politics. Something I have learned from my very own experience as a survivor …

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