Highlights of the news; We learned why Californians are weird and how to make a DEI hire work.

ITEM 1: CNBC reported, “Retail sales tumbled 0.8% in January, much more than expected.” Why shop when you can steal? ITEM 2: Oilfield Rando tweeted, “A radical transgender illegal immigrant Bernie supporter with Free Palestine written on their firearm targets Christians and the MSM journos portray Texas gun laws as the problem.” Oh, it’s the …

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The new Religion of Postmodernism and DEI: Fragmenting the Fabric of Traditional American Truth.

Postmodernism, that elusive and enigmatic philosophical maelstrom, has swirled its way into the heart of American traditional culture, leaving behind a trail of skepticism, relativism, and a chaotic blend of high-brow irony.

Corporate executives discover their flight over the rainbow doesn’t sit well with investors

In a sign that top corporate executives are finally grasping that investors aren’t on board with their walk on the woke side, there’s been a measurable drop in the number of references to green and social initiatives on earnings calls over the past few quarters. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean their forays into social activism have …

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Mother of ‘Arab-Latina’ Diversity Leader Unmasks Her Own Daughter With Career-Killing News

It wouldn’t be the first time a person has misrepresented their ethnic background for personal gain. Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts famously claimed to be a Native American to give herself a leg up in her career. And the newly elected Republican congressman from New York, Rep. George Santos, claimed to be of Jewish …

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‘Student Belonging,’ the ‘Next Frontier’ in DEI; From Kumbaya to Karl Marx in 3, 2, 1

Student belonging. Has there ever been a more heartwarming concept than that? For elementary and secondary school students, a feeling of belonging to the group they spend the majority of their waking hours with can mean the difference between academic success or failure. For how can a student who is being bullied or otherwise ostracized …

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