Making It Illegal For Republicans To Hire Attorneys

Attorneys who represent Republicans in non-swing states are safe, FOR NOW. Should any Blue State “flip” to Red in 2024, rest assured, Democrats will be filing lawsuits, alleging fraud.

Women in power abuse it; There are no Margaret Thatchers in America, only entitled thieves

Some say that by virtue of their birth, women officeholders are better and pure as Christmas snow. Thus far, the evidence points the other way.

Thus far, the evidence points the other way.

If the Democrats win this battle, ‘there is nothing left’

There was a time when Democrats tried to hide their wrongdoing. During the early days of the FBI’s investigation into members of then-candidate Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, for example, agents at least tried to maintain the appearance of propriety.  Several years later, when special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation came up empty, no one inside the …

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Devastating Fetterman Video Shows Precisely Why He’s Unfit for the U.S. Senate

The Pennsylvania Senate debate revealed to the world what the Democratic Party, the liberal media, campaign officials, John Fetterman’s doctor, and particularly his ambitious wife, Gisele, have been trying desperately to hide: Fetterman’s stroke has rendered him unfit to perform the duties of a senator. Yet for months, this group worked together to conceal the …

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FBI’s Comment About ‘Secure Workspace’ Inside Perkins Coie Sure Doesn’t Sound Like a Denial

FBI Badge

As if conservative Americans didn’t already have enough reasons to think the country’s premier law enforcement agency was corrupted by partisan politics, Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz may have provided a bombshell on Tuesday night. Appearing on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Gaetz claimed to have received confirmation from a law firm closely tied to …

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