The new Religion of Postmodernism and DEI: Fragmenting the Fabric of Traditional American Truth.

Postmodernism, that elusive and enigmatic philosophical maelstrom, has swirled its way into the heart of American traditional culture, leaving behind a trail of skepticism, relativism, and a chaotic blend of high-brow irony.

Promoting Social Strife Through Valuing Diversity

The intersectionality philosophy was an unavoidable outgrowth of the diversity movement. It is used to demand corrective actions for marginalization. Intersectionality subgroups must be given societal benefits to counteract their negative life experiences. Unfortunately, it has created conflict rather than harmony.

Biden’s “Diverse” Cabinet

My friend, Tom Miller in Birmingham, Alabama, and I have similar reactions to the news coming out of Washington, D.C. Just last week, we both heard the Raggedy Ann mop-head press secretary of the current administration, bragging mind you, that Biden has the most diverse cabinet in the history of presidential cabinets. Well, that touched …

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The Diversity Industry Has Turned the Clock Back — to 1960

When I was young, Americans prided themselves in being part of the “great melting pot” – good times.  People from diverse cultures throughout the world could come here and become full-fledged Americans.  Our constitution provided a framework for anyone to become successful.  All that was required was determination and hard work.  In achieving the American …

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