The America Premium

There seems to be a common belief, mostly on the left, that businesses take their operations overseas merely for the cheap labor and the Wild Wild West of unregulated factory production and no EPA constraints. Actually, it’s not quite that simple. Cost of labor and regulation although huge considerations, aren’t the only thing companies consider …

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America’s Hunger Games

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America’s Hunger Games Biden Nuclear Energy Secretary A Scene from The Hunger Games Samuel Brinton “I’m more than just a piece in their Games.” The Hunger Games In 2012 Americans flocked to the theater to witness the airing of a new dystopian film called The Hunger Games. In this post-apocalyptic feature, there are twelve districts …

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Yes Mr. President, We Are In A Recession

The Biden administration says that we are not in a recession. Historically, two consecutive quarters of negative GDP is the criteria for a recession.  Perhaps the President may be correct except for the fact we have, “Seven Recession Red Flags Waving Right Now!” Besides this pattern there are other red flags pointing to a further …

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The Biden Administration Easily Demonstrates How to Destroy an Economy

The easy answer on how to destroy the U.S. economy is to do what Biden and the Democrats are doing now. A longer answer is to flagrantly violate the laws of economics – even those taught at the most liberal universities. The most comprehensive way to destroy an economy is, simply, to act counter to commonsense and every historical precedent for all of recorded history.

Hi! I Voted for Joe Biden and I Have BDS

Trump Derangement Syndrome (aka TDS) is real and pervasive. It incites it sufferers to fits of rage at the mention of the name Trump. In fact, it incites them to fits of rage if one just mentions the name of the people who opposed him in the last two Presidential elections. Mention Hillary Clinton to …

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The Difference Between The ‘Elite’ & ‘Elitists’ And Why It Matters


Since the 2008 housing bubble crash, there has been a noticeable uptick in hatred for the supposed ‘elite’. The progressive left wants us to metaphorically ‘eat the rich’ by taxing them excessively in an attempt to redistribute wealth to the rest of the population, which sounds good in theory. It’s the Robin Hood theory of …

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China, Part VII – Second Tier Geopolitical and Economic Goals (cont’d)

Part VI of this multi-part series discussed the first increment of the second tier geopolitical and economic goals and objectives of the Chinese Communist Party. This part summarizes a second increment of those goals and objectives Introduction The ChiComs seek to become a technologically-advanced leading manufacturing power by the centennial celebration of the founding of …

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Threading the Needle to Balance Liberty, Commerce, Justice, and Power

Threading the Needle to Balance Liberty, Commerce, Justice, and Power Figure TR Threaded the Needle I first discovered the magic of a Mercury Dime in my grandparents’ kitchen playing with a toy slot machine. To my young eyes, they were the most beautiful coins I had ever seen. As I grew older, I understood the …

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We’re Going to Need a New Misery Index

Lately it seems like we’re living a rerun of That 70s Show. America is suffering through many of the same problems we had during the Carter administration – with some of them on a grander scale. Inflation – check Skyrocketing energy costs – check Contracting job market – check Advancing foreign threats – check Immigration …

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