Education Strategy Gone Amok?

Education Strategy Gone Amok? Education, we have a problem. The response to an education crisis is to lower standards and implement social justice programs? History since the inception of the Great Society shows these programs do not work. The current education strategy will continue to lower US competitiveness and overall prosperity. It is crazy. Unless …

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Reconstructing History, Part 5: The Education Institution and Creating History

Part 5 looks at the Education institution and how it has changed. We may want to say this all happened recently since it is now in the open and parents are challenging this transition of the schools’ role and what they teach. But if we look at the radicalization of the students at our colleges and universities, that simply cannot be true. The education institution radicalized them starting in elementary school, long before they arrived at the universities. Sure, some students were radicalized in the 1960s, but they were nothing compared to the widespread radicalization we see today.