Yes, You Can Lose to the Loser and Still Claim to be a Winner

Yossi Gestetner claims that by losing a primary, a candidate has shown they are not the stronger general election candidate as a result of not winning more primary votes than another candidate.  The article goes on to explain that if a candidate was better, they would win the primary, as they need those voters to win the general.  I disagree completely.

Why We Have Elections


I believe that it is worthwhile to consider why we have elections.     The first reason is the obvious one, we use elections to choose representatives.  That is how a representative government works.  That concept was reinforced by the Christian concept that God made all men and that there is, therefore, no longer Roman or Jew, freeman …

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Treason, Traitors, and Tyranny – Do Not Repeat the Same Mistakes

Treason, Traitors, and Tyranny – Do Not Repeat the Same Mistakes; An Open Letter to 2024 Presidential Candidates It astounds me that conservatives believe that “if” they win the 2024 elections that they can reign in the deep state, government corruption, and stop the progressive domestic terrorist attack on our nation. Whether it be Trump, …

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