Tilting At Windmills, Part 1

Tilting At Windmills The Wind blows freely, Blowing across the earthscape. But what if it stops? When I first saw the windmills I was doing a military base closure project in California in 1992. As I had to fly into San Francisco, I would drive over the hills to the Central Valley town of Merced. …

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Drilling 101, by Citizen Writer: Greg Beck

President Biden and his team have acknowledged in recent weeks that there is not much he can do to address soaring gas prices and inflation, and the actions he has taken so far, such as a record-breaking release of oil from the country’s strategic reserves, have not worked. This past Tuesday he continued his denigration …

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Thoughts on Ukraine, Part 3: Klepto-Free Energy

Part 3 looks at energy. I think it is the number one security threat. It is at least partly responsible for the situation in Ukraine, both through funding and supporting Russia’s attack through Europe’s current dependence on petroleum-based energy from Russia.