The Flight to Agape; The Final Installment of Floor 1776

The Flight to Agape; The Final Installment of Floor 1776[1] You often hear the phrase “Love is Love,” and it is a little strange to me since my name is Love. It is hard to live up to a name like that, but it is the one I was given. You also recently learned about my …

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Why many Christians are failing in their Christian Faith, by Freeland_Dave

Why many Christians are failing in their Christian Faith. by Freeland_Dave,  Simple stat. 200 different Christian Denominations on the US alone and 45,000 worldwide. No unity in the Scriptures and most all of them hold the mistaken belief that if you don’t follow the dogma of their denomination that you are pre-consigned, by them of …

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Christianity: A Warrior Faith

 People taught that Christianity is only ‘peace and love’ will never understand that once we had a warrior faith.  I don’t see that faith anywhere anymore.   Vladimir Putin said recently that the West is now Satanic. Disagreement abounded, but it got me to thinking. I concluded that Putin is right, when he is talking …

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Healing and Renewal; Faith, Courage, and Hope in the Cadet Prayer

“[The words duty, honor, country] are your rallying points: to build courage when courage seems to fail; to regain faith when there seems to be little cause for faith; to create hope when hope becomes forlorn.”

General Douglas MacArthur, address to the Corps of Cadets on receiving the Thayer Award, 1962

Words and Actions: the Inherent Misuse of Each, by Citizen Writer: Alan Hand


Words and Actions: the inherent misuse of each Xenophobic, Homophobic, Racist, and an endless list of other terms have gained mainstay use in these days and times. They are used to try and shame or guilt, or even silence a group out of some fear they are suppose to imply. I don’t fear these words. …

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God’s Army vs the Transhumanists

Arlington Fishing Club

God’s going to have to recast the source-of-all-evil adulteress as a transhumanist. He must have known this day was coming and used the adulteress as symbolic of anything that presents an ideal world that leads you farther from God. At least the seductress was human with longings, dreams, and weaknesses like all of us. Maybe …

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