Global Warming Madness: New White House report considers blocking the sun to cool the planet

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy released a report on Friday about a relatively new technology called solar radiation modification that could be used in the fight against climate change.  According to the report, SRM is a form of “geoengineering” that “offers the possibility of cooling the planet significantly on a timescale …

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Scientific Breakthrough Reveals Arctic Area Was Once a Warm Paradise

DNA extracted from the ancient permafrost at the northernmost point of Greenland revealed that two million years ago, temperatures in the arctic region were far warmer than they are today and that the area was teeming with wildlife. Previously, scientists had only been able to go back one million years. According to an abstract published …

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Anthropogenic Global Warming: Existential Threat or Phony Science?

The guy posing as president recently declared that “climate change” is now an existential threat (again) and he must take immediate action because the congress has had no success with passing more legislation to deal with this crisis. It’s a “clear and present danger” his teleprompter tells him, and he “won’t take no for an answer”.