Did God Make Our 2024 Decision an Informed One?

God doesn’t always answer our prayers in the manner we request. He blesses us with what we need, not what we want. Our country is currently experiencing crises from seemingly every direction. But are there blessings hidden in our tribulations, which are providing what we need – if not what we want?

Do Your Rights Come from God?

There are no “God Given Rights” explicitly laid out in the Bible. The concept of a human rights began in 1215 under the Magna Carta. Rights come from the Government, but God issues principals and values. Not rights. Rights: Rights are inherent to individuals by virtue of their humanity. They are typically regarded as fundamental, …

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UFOs, Aliens and Demons

UFOs, Aliens and Demons; While most Americans are flying rainbow flags and worried about more free stuff, the US government is releasing information saying UFOs are real. I contend the “leap of faith” to believe in extra-terrestrial life is far greater than what’s required for belief in a creator. According to Christian beliefs, demons are …

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