Making It Illegal For Republicans To Hire Attorneys

Attorneys who represent Republicans in non-swing states are safe, FOR NOW. Should any Blue State “flip” to Red in 2024, rest assured, Democrats will be filing lawsuits, alleging fraud.

The Uniparty Presents a Clear and Present Danger to the Republic


Are you tired of the political theater yet? This political theater has a level of absurdity that only a select few can enjoy. We vote red or blue and pretend that the opposing candidates are all that different. The candidate who stands up for the principles of the American Constitution is automatically removed or minimized. …

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Dear GOP; Breaking up is hard to do

Dear GOP, breaking up is hard to do (thank you, Mr. Sedaka). Most things, good or otherwise, eventually come to an end. I’d thought about softening the blow, dear GOP, trying to assuage your feelings by telling you that “it’s okay, it’s not you, it’s me”; but that wouldn’t be true. So, in all truth; “GOP, …

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