The Second Amendment: Safeguarding Individual Rights and Lessons from History


In the wake of recent events that have sent shockwaves through our communities and across the globe, we find ourselves grappling with the age-old struggle between good and evil, often personified in the most unexpected individuals.

But It’s The Guns!

Gift From the Supreme Court

It’s not the object, the tool use to commit the crime. It’s the criminal who is not deterred who commits the crime. People generally don’t blame inanimate objects for the actions of the people who handle them. We don’t prosecute or sue General Motors for the criminal actions of the driver of one of their …

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Philadelphians Are Fighting Back!


We have previously noted that the law-abiding people in Philadelphia have been seeking concealed carry permits at a record pace. And we have seen stories about some of the bad guys in Philly being sent untimely to their eternal rewards. Why are people in the City of Brotherly Love arming themselves? When there are innocent …

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