This Year the Epidemic Seems to be the Discovery of Classified Documents in the Most Surprising and Unexpected Places Part 3

Release the Big Squirrels. Difficult to Focus on Russian Pipelines, UFOs, Chinese Balloons, Derailed Trains, Crack Head Sons with Classified: so Many Squirrels

FBI’s Comment About ‘Secure Workspace’ Inside Perkins Coie Sure Doesn’t Sound Like a Denial

FBI Badge

As if conservative Americans didn’t already have enough reasons to think the country’s premier law enforcement agency was corrupted by partisan politics, Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz may have provided a bombshell on Tuesday night. Appearing on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Gaetz claimed to have received confirmation from a law firm closely tied to …

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Public Demands Clinton Be Held Accountable After Courtroom Revelation That She Personally Greenlit the Trump-Russia Hoax

It’s not a great time to be Robby Mook. The 2016 Clinton campaign manager’s pivotal testimony in the trial of former Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann on Friday definitively tied Hillary Clinton to the Trump-Russia collusion hoax for the first time. Mook admitted that Clinton gave the go-ahead to alert the media to the spurious …

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Following Radio Silence on Durham Filing, NY Times Writer Spins Like a Top for Hillary Clinton

  When the bombshell news broke last weekend that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had obtained data from servers at the White House, Trump Tower, former President Donald Trump’s residence, and a health care provider, spliced it, presented it to the FBI and the CIA as evidence that Trump had colluded with the Kremlin to win the …

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Clinton’s Lawyer Provided CIA With ‘Updated Data’ From White House Servers to Destroy Trump

  News over the weekend that Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid technology experts to infiltrate the servers at Trump Towers and later at the White House to dig up dirt on former President Donald Trump was a game changer, by anyone’s standards. This development boosts the credibility of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation from conspiracy theory …

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Maria Bartiromo: Is Biden’s Focus on Russian Invasion Meant to Distract Us From Durham News?

  Fox News host Maria Bartiromo was on fire this Sunday morning over the news that prior to and after the 2016 presidential election, the Hillary Clinton campaign allegedly paid technology experts to infiltrate servers in Trump Tower and then the White House to search for any information that could tie former President Donald Trump …

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