It’s Us Vs. Them (again)

So many fools slavishly (pun intended) follow the lead of their Dem party leaders without taking the time to think what effects those policies will have on them and their fellow Americans. 

A Seafaring Solution: Housing Illegal Immigrants on Navy Aircraft Carriers for a Secure Future

Rather than resorting to makeshift arrangements in hotels, airport floors, or public school gyms, the proposal suggests repurposing Navy aircraft carriers and ships as floating sanctuary facilities.

Republicans sell out America Just as the immigration battle nears victory, the Party of the Bushes caves in

The public finally rose against illegal immigration and the invasion by immigrants — only to have these Trikki Nikki-level Faux Conservatives sell us out.

After the Wall Is Built

If a Republican POTUS can be elected in Nov 2024, IF, and when that Republican Prez builds the Wall across our border with the Cartels, then what? There’ll be almost 30m illegal aliens in America. Many have been here for decades.

Republicans’ Acid Test on Illegal Immigration


When, not if, the flood of illegal aliens invading the U.S. becomes a raging torrent with end of the Title 42 speedbump, the Republicans need to say what they will do. Other than raise money, what will they actually do about the illegal aliens already here? Republicans can raise money and run hard on the …

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