It’s Us Vs. Them (again)

So many fools slavishly (pun intended) follow the lead of their Dem party leaders without taking the time to think what effects those policies will have on them and their fellow Americans. 

We’re Living in a Post-Truth World, But Help Is on the Way

Politicians have been lying to their constituents forever. But politicians in America, which until recently had been a democratic republic, were generally held to a higher standard.  In recent years, however, a large swath of U.S. politicians no longer concern themselves with the repercussions of their lies. And there are far fewer Republicans among this …

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Pelosi Lets It Slip: Immigrants Should Be Picking Crops

Nancy Pelosi

During House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s weekly press briefing on Friday morning, she told reporters that America needs immigrants to pick the crops. Yes, after spending the past two years declaring that half the country was racist, she matter-of-factly made that remark. The Speaker acknowledged that while “we have a responsibility to secure our border, we …

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The Governors’ Next Move

Ron DeSantis

Texas Governor Abbott bused hundreds of illegal aliens to “Sanctuary” cities. Free State of Florida Governor DeSantis upped the ante flying 50 illegal aliens to the elite Liberal paradise and Sanctuary city of Martha’s Vineyard. The all-welcoming, inclusive, diversity-worshipping hypocrites called out the National Guard and deported the poor Venezuelans to a military base. All Republican Governors should consider their next move against the Illegal Alien invasion.

Yes, DeSantis used migrants as political pawns and it was a masterstroke

Martha's Vineyard

Judging by the intensity of the Left’s indignation over Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ decision to fly four dozen migrants to Martha’s Vineyard last week, it’s safe to say he struck a nerve. DeSantis’ move was a masterstroke. Unless you happen to live in a border state, it’s relatively easy to forget how dire the …

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Texas Governor Buses Illegal Immigrants to Kamala Harris’ Residence; She Is Not Amused

Kamala Harris

After Vice President Kamala Harris declared on national television that the U.S. border is secure last Sunday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent two buses carrying 101 illegal immigrants to her residence. Fox News reported that the migrants were dropped off at the gate outside Harris’ Naval Observatory residence on Thursday morning. The group had been …

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Biden’s Immigration Services Removes ‘Protecting Americans’ and ‘Lawful Immigration’ from Mission Statement

  Just in case you were wondering, the U.S. government doesn’t have your back. Last August, President Joe Biden did the unthinkable. After presiding over the most humiliating military defeat in modern history, our commander in chief left Americans behind in Afghanistan. Biden’s decision to abandon U.S. citizens and our Afghan allies behind enemy lines …

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