Why many Christians are failing in their Christian Faith, by Freeland_Dave

Why many Christians are failing in their Christian Faith. by Freeland_Dave,  Simple stat. 200 different Christian Denominations on the US alone and 45,000 worldwide. No unity in the Scriptures and most all of them hold the mistaken belief that if you don’t follow the dogma of their denomination that you are pre-consigned, by them of …

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Healing and Renewal; Faith, Courage, and Hope in the Cadet Prayer

“[The words duty, honor, country] are your rallying points: to build courage when courage seems to fail; to regain faith when there seems to be little cause for faith; to create hope when hope becomes forlorn.”

General Douglas MacArthur, address to the Corps of Cadets on receiving the Thayer Award, 1962

O Happy Day!

  When we were growing up, my brother and I never got Easter baskets. Easter meant going to church and getting new Easter clothes. Our parents (actually, we just blame Mom–sorry, Mom) wanted to instill in us that Easter was not about rabbits or chocolate eggs, but rather about the resurrection of Jesus. We understood …

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