‘The Mission’: Godly Men Wage Peace and Good Men Wage War to Protect the Godly

Print of Jesuit martyrs of Paraguay in 1628, published in 1919. (Public domain)

Sick of the news? Sick of trying to figure out what is true and what is a play put on for our distraction? Sick of learning things that twist up everything you thought was true? Sick even of bible study and church? Take a day and watch “The Mission.” Its influence on your future course …

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The Pushback Against the Jesuits, The World’s First Globalists

Jesuit missionary Cuthbert Cary-Elwes poses with two members of the Rupununi of Guyana.

So instead of brow-beating people with conventional forces, the Jesuits took a literal hearts-and-minds approach, respecting the locals, educating them, providing services that made their lives better, preparing fertile ground for the seed of God’s Word. And they were very, very good at what they did—too good.