Trump Needs to Checkmate James and Engoron

With the very Soviet-style “verdict first, then trial” show trial proceeding apace in Manhattan, President Donald J. Trump has a delicious opportunity to turn the tables on his persecutors waging lawfare against him, his family, and his companies.

The Moral Decay of Our Nation: Lessons Unlearned from History

The United States of America, a beacon of democracy and freedom, is showing signs of moral decay that should give every citizen pause for thought. At the heart of this decay is the weaponization of federal law enforcement against those with differing political and moral views.

More Democrat Weaponization of the Federal Government

More Democrat Weaponization of the Federal Government; Achieving Green Nirvana using the heavy hand of government Ever envious of the Communist Chinese Party, whose CCP-controlled government agencies are focused like laser beams on maintaining social control over all of China’s 1.4 billion citizens and preserving CCP “leadership,” the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress have been …

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