An Assault In the Dark of Night My Band of Brothers Moment

A silhouette of a helicopter at sunset Description automatically generated

The Army’s National Training Center, next to Death Valley, has a few things going for it. Dusty, dark, miserably hot, windy, brutally cold, coyotes, snakes, spiders, never-ending sand – and many humans running around the desert training for war with little to no sleep for days. Sounds like fun.

Tales of The Trail Boss, Pt 2: Tallil Tom

Last time, I introduced you to The Trail Boss. This week, the adventure continues as The Trail Boss meets Tallil Tom, an Iraqi turkey with a bad attitude. As I was not actually present for some of the activities described herein (that’s called, “plausible deniability”) I’ve enlisted the help of my Command Sergeant Major (CSM) …

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Critical Thinking: Bounded Rationality and Time

Critical Thinking: Bounded Rationality and Time Time is one component of bounded rationality. The Bounded Rationality Model (see the introduction to this series) includes cognitive limitations and information/knowledge quality. Severe time constraints can drive a decision to System 1 approaches, with the decision based on assumptions, heuristics, and intuition. Some organizations “punt” and refuse to …

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AFNN Editorial: Natural Leadership and Real Alpha Males, By Citizen Writer: Matt Larsen

Natural leadership, real Alpha Males, and the sources of toxic leadership. There is great misunderstanding in the tactical world about the concept of an Alpha Male, as it occurs in nature, and being a leader and the relationship between the two. Start with this, Alpha Males are a feature of species like wolves, chimpanzees and …

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