Soccer Pro Refuses to Wear Armband After Noticing What’s on It: ‘I Don’t Feel Comfortable’


As captain of the Dutch professional soccer team Feyenoord, Orkun Kokcu, 21, had worn an armband in each of the previous five games his team had played in the Eredivisie, Holland’s top soccer division. The armbands help identify the team captains to the referees. But when he saw the “OneLove” rainbow armband he was expected …

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The Very Woke and Very Dangerous Pentagon

Austin Milley

       When you have spare time on your hands, it’s easy to waste that time doing fun things, unimportant things, nonconsequential things.  You usually find such time after you’ve worked hard to accomplish your tasks, usually ahead of schedule.  Having the time to do those silly things is a reward for completing your mission with …

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Right And Wrong


Controversial doesn’t even begin to describe the Biden Administration.  Abnormal, amoral, immoral, illegal, criminal, bizarre and anti-American are each a better descriptive but still not enough.  It is difficult to encompass all that is wrong with the current power brokers in charge of our White House.  There appears to be ample evidence that cognitively, Biden …

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Transcending Transgenderism Part 2

            Last week we briefly touched on the disturbing societal trend of normalizing bizarre behavior, namely transgenderism.  This trend is having a gravely negative impact on our culture, particularly for the most vulnerable, our young.  An entire generation is being raised to believe that the concept of gender and the …

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