Will Joe Biden Escalate the Border Crisis?

The situation in Texas is certainly getting interesting. On day one of his administration, Joe Biden opened our borders to invasion – for no other reason than that Donald Trump had closed them. It was our “return to normalcy” President, showing what kind of guy he is by giving the middle finger to his predecessor.

It’s Past Time for a Republican Party Reckoning

The Republican party needs to decide what it represents. Will it will be the party of freedom – standing against the forces wishing to convert America into Venezuela (rich in potential yet destitute in reality)? Or will it become the party of Wayne and Garth – partying on until the music stops?

The Moral of the McCarthy Saga – Promises Matter

In a system which depends on good-faith negotiations, integrity is important, and promises matter. When men working within that system lack honor, agreements aren’t agreements, and deals aren’t deals. Without honor, the system can’t work – and hasn’t been working for many years.

If It Is Not Already Too Late

     Looking at who decides what, in our own party, and not just passing it off on election fraud, the Republican Party, which I am still proudly a member of, needs to do the following: recruit leaders, get consistent messaging, be confident, but not presumptuous in predicting outcomes and keep our heads in the same …

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