GOP Congressman Turns Table on CBS Anchor Trying to Implicate Republicans

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It took about a nanosecond for Democrats to start blaming Republicans for the brutal hammer attack on Paul Pelosi by a deranged man early Friday morning. Immediately and collectively, the left ran with the narrative that violent right-wing rhetoric had inspired David DePape, a mentally ill, homeless drug addict, to break into House Speaker Nancy …

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The Philadelphia Inquirer, Which Declines to Print the Photos of Criminals Who Are Black, Sure Is Willing If The Perp Is White.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Building

That the perp is a former police officer is just icing on the cake for the Inky! As we have previously noted, The Philadelphia Inquirer chose not to publish the photos of Quadir Jones, charged in the rape of a 13-year-old girl leaving a SEPTA train station on her way to school, or Yaaseen Bivins, …

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When a Media Outlet Can Decide a Presidency Is Over, It Has Too Much Power

The liberal media has been moving away from the practice of journalism for years. Once Donald Trump arrived on the scene, it was abandoned altogether. The media collectively embraced activism. And the New York Times has led the way. The extraordinary power of the Times to not only influence events, but to shape events, cannot …

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Reuters Data Scientist Who Rejected BLM Narrative Asked to ‘Reform his Thoughts,’ Then Fired


Looks like the powers that be at Canadian American media conglomerate Thomson Reuters have little tolerance for those who refuse to toe the party line. The City Journal’s Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, chronicled the last few rocky months of data scientist Zac Kriegman’s six years of employment with Reuters and revealed …

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