Cooper Wade: Ladies, You Really Don’t Want a “Rip” For a Husband

For you ladies out there who are fans of the TV series, “Yellowstone,” you don’t really want a “Rip” for a husband. Let’s be honest, most of you can’t handle his character’s level of masculinity. He’s not going to put up with or tolerate your BS, he works sun up to sun down, he doesn’t make …

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Is America a Nation of “Wussified” Men?

Pajama Boy, An Insufferable Man-Child - POLITICO Magazine

In an era where there is a lot of complaining about “toxic masculinity” (a bogus term as far as I’m concerned) Hollywood has unilaterally decided that men in today’s films need to be “feminized” or cerebrally castrated to satisfy the “wussification factor” spreading throughout America. What do I mean by the “wussification factor?” Simple. The …

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