Veteran’s Last Patrol

Headquartered in Spartanburg, SC, Veteran’s Last Patrol, a non-profit supporting veterans in hospice care, was founded just a few years ago by Claude Schmid, a retired Army Colonel, and is now a national organization with active volunteers in 27 states. VLP offers honor ceremonies and emergency assistance, plus promotes new friendships by encouraging visits between …

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An Assault In the Dark of Night My Band of Brothers Moment

A silhouette of a helicopter at sunset Description automatically generated

The Army’s National Training Center, next to Death Valley, has a few things going for it. Dusty, dark, miserably hot, windy, brutally cold, coyotes, snakes, spiders, never-ending sand – and many humans running around the desert training for war with little to no sleep for days. Sounds like fun.

Russia v Ukraine: Russia’s Failures in Logistics

The Russia v Ukraine dust-up is continuing apace, and Vladimir “Yes I’m former KGB” Putin has made a rare admission – that the Russian Army is running out of modern equipment.  Business Insider has the news: Russian President Vladimir Putin has admitted that the Russian military needs to modernize its weapons if it is to …

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Where is Your Loyalty?

Military Oath

Where is your loyalty?  I have talked to a few people recently that I consider friends. One works to support veterans. Another tries to shape future generations. Someone else asked me why I am retiring. A yet different person asked me to continue service in an alternate capacity.  I fully intend to continue service in …

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